Kylie  is a 21 year-old illustrative and comic artist based in Western Montana. She  has a cocktail of medical conditions, and lives with her dog and cat and spends her free time swing dancing and  studying for her body modification apprenticeship.  

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"Bringing your imagination to life."

It's an easy thing to say, but for me, it's not just a marketing tagline. Since before I can remember, art was a way for me to bring the things that I imagined into the real world. With any luck, I'll be able to help you do the same thing! I pride myself on my dedication to client satisfaction; I will take as long as necessary to make sure that your vision is represented as accurately as possible!

"I commissioned a couples portrait from Kylie as a gift for my girlfriend on our first anniversary. I gave her free reign and I got more than I ever hoped for. Not only was it obvious who the characters she drew were, she really captured just how elated the two of us were. I can't praise her work enough."


—  Amanda, 2017